After signing into the VMware Cloud Sizer UI, you can view all three sizer options displayed on the screen. To retrieve a possible accurate recommendation provided by the sizer tool, select any of the sizer options. You can create a project and save a sizing when logged in. The tools allows you to download a PDF report or customize an existing sizing without recreating the workload requirement.


Verify that you have a signed in to VMware Cloud Sizer tool.


  1. Once you have signed in, you are automatically directed to a page that contains, Quick Sizer, Advanced Sizer - Manual and Import.
  2. After selecting the required sizer, enter the required workload values and get recommendation.
  3. To save, click SAVE PROJECT for future reference.
  4. Enter the Project Name, Customer Name, and select an associated Tag.
  5. Click Save.
    You can view all your entries under All Projects table.