VMware Cloud Sizer supports VMware Aria Operations inputs to provide sizer recommendations.

You can download the JSON file to import in the Sizer tool by following the instructions described in this section. For more information, see Using the API with vRealize Operations.

Follow the steps below to download VMC Sizer data using VMware Aria REST APIs:
  1. Add a vCenter Adapter Instance.
  2. Start generating a report with POST /internal /vmc /resources /stats /report. Click on Try it out and pass the input parameters as a body. You can only start a new report generation if the last one has finished.
    Example for Request Body:
       "resourceId" : "f98bf731-ffe1-4bc4-b28f-7b3b4cb10b23", 
        "begin" : 1665122400000, 
        "end" : 1666322044280 

    Where the resourceId is any resource for which you want to generate the report. The begin and end is the time range of the data you want to process in milliseconds (this value cannot be longer than one year). In case of an empty body, the vSphere World uses the root resource (generates the report for all the existing VMs) and the last two weeks as the time range of the data processing. This API returns an Id of the current report generation.

  3. Use the generated Id (previous step) to check the status with GET /internal /vmc /resources /stats /report /{id} /status. You can check only the status of the report previously generated.
  4. If the status (step 3) shows COMPLETED, you can use the same Id to retrieve the report from GET /internal /vmc /resources /stats /report /{id}. You can always retrieve only the last successful report.