Cost Drivers are the aspects that contributes to the private cloud expense of your business operations. To provide a granular cost visibility and to track accurate expenses of virtual machines in a private cloud, Cost Insight has identified key cost drivers.

Cost Insight maintains the reference costs for each of these cost drivers based on the industry standards.

These reference cost enables Cost Insight to calculate the cost of your setup. However, the cost of your cloud based on reference cost might not be accurate to your actual cost. For example, you might have received some special discounts during a bulk purchase or you might have an ELA with VMware that might not match the socket based pricing available in the reference database. To get accurate costs, you can modify the reference cost of cost drivers in Cost Insight, which overrides the values in reference database. Based on your inputs, Cost Insight recalculates the total amount of private cloud expenses.

After you add a private cloud, Cost Insight automatically discovers one or more vCenter Servers that are part of your private cloud. In addition, it also retrieves the inventory details from each vCenter Server. The details include:

  • Associated clusters: Count and names

  • ESXi hosts: Count, model, configuration, and other host machine details.

  • Data stores: Count, storage, type, capacity

  • VMs: Count, OS type, tags, configuration, utilization

Based on these configuration and utilization of inventory, and the available reference cost, Cost Insight calculates the estimated monthly cost of each cost driver.

The total cost of your private cloud is the sum of all these cost driver expenses.