Once you add a private or public cloud account into VMware Cloud services, you can filter the details based on different criteria to analyse your expense.

By default, if you have set up Private Cloud, you see the Private Cloud data. If not, you see the AWS data, otherwise you see the Azure data. If you have configured all three account types in Cost Insight, you see the Private Cloud data, by default.

You can add filters for groups, tags, and cloud account types to see the expense data for the specific filter. Based on the filters, you can also modify the parameters for X and Y axis. You can download the data in PNG, CSV or Excel format and also view data in different graph types.

By default, you see the expense of the current month. You can filter these data for the previous month and the last three months.


If you are viewing the expense information on a day past 15th of a month, you see the current month data. If you are viewing expense before 15th (dates between 01 and 15), you see the previous month data.

As of now, last three months and twelve months data is available for public cloud accounts only.

For more information about how to use the Cost Analysis page to filter data, click the Getting Started option on the top right corner of the page and watch the video.

Using Save as Report, you can schedule a report to share your latest or up-to-date data at regular intervals (daily or monthly) to the specific recipients. Also, export the report to the CSV format and save the report for future use. You can see all your saved reports under Manage Reports.