Once you have set up one or more AWS cloud accounts, you can view your AWS expense details on the AWS Dashboard. Also, you can drill down through the Cost Insight Dashboard to see your AWS expense information. VMware Cloud services can collect your expense data from your AWS bills to display in the Cost Insight service.

You can get a list of all your accounts with their services, regions, and instance types. You can see the linked account name, virtual machine count, and total expense of each AWS account as well as its percentage increase or decrease in expense. You can also pinpoint for the current month:

  • The top five most expensive AWS accounts

  • The top five most expensive AWS services

  • The top five most expensive regions that are consuming EC2 services

  • The most expensive EC2 instance types


AWS generates the bill by the end of first day of the month. If you try to view your expenses on the first day of the month, your expense may not be up-to-date. You can view your complete expenses starting from the second day of the month onwards.