After you set up one or more AWS cloud accounts, VMware Cloud services collects expense data from your AWS bills. You can view these AWS expense details on the AWS Dashboard in Cost Insight.


If you are viewing the expense information on a day past 15th of a month, you see the current month data. If you are viewing expense before 15th (dates between 01 and 15), you see the previous month data.

You can view the AWS expense summary, which also includes the total savings opportunities for 30 days.

You can see the daily expense based on usage with additional charges or discounts such as tax, fees, discounts, or refunds. You can hover the mouse on each bar of the graph to see the actual expense values.

Additionally, Cost Insight can categorize expense information based on services, regions and daily AWS EC2 (On-Demand and Reserved Instances) usage.

You also see the potential savings you can achieve from each individual AWS account, if applicable.

You can click on any of widgets to navigate to the Cost Analysis page directly to view the specific expense details.


AWS generates the bill by the end of first day of the month. If you try to view your expenses on the first day of the month, your expense may not be up-to-date. You can view your complete expenses starting from the second day of the month onwards.