After you add an Azure cloud account, you can view your Azure expense details on the Azure Dashboard. Also, you can drill down through the Cost Insight Dashboard to see your Azure expenses. VMware Cloud services pull the data from your Azure bills for display in the Cost Insight service.

You can see the Azure expense summary, which includes the current total expense and the projected expense of the month. The summary also includes the virtual machine count, the number of configured accounts and the count of accounts that are unable to fetch data.

You can also see a graphical representation of the top five most expensive accounts and its expense comparison with the previous month values. You can hover the mouse on the graph to see the actual expense values.

In addition, you see the top five most expensive Azure services, its actual cost for the current month and its percentage of contribution for the total expense.

You can see the expensive virtual machines based on regions and VM types.

In addition, you can also drill down to see the complete list of accounts, services, or VMs and its expense details.