To collect data from your vCenter Server, you must install data collectors for them. Once you have set up a data collector on your vCenter Server, VMware Cloud services pulls data from the server, and you can view its data on the Private Cloud page or by drilling down through the Cost Insight Dashboard.

The initial data collection takes around 40 minutes to collect and upload into VMware Cloud. Once the data collection process is complete, you get a detailed list of all your private cloud accounts and vCenter Server clusters with their expenses.

You can also see this updated information:

  • Daily expense trend

  • Projected expenses for the current month

    Projected Expense = [(Current expense of the month / past number of days of the month) * total number of days of the month]

    For example, if you are on the eight day of the month, and the total current expense is $80, then

    Projected Expense = [(80/8)* 31] = $310

  • View previous month expenses

  • The top five most expensive public cloud accounts

  • The top five most expensive clusters

For information about how the private cloud expenses are calculated, see About Cost Drivers.