After you set up a data collector and a vCenter Server, VMware Cloud services collects data from the vCenter Server. You can view these private cloud expense details on the Private Cloud Dashboard in Cost Insight.

The initial process takes around 40 minutes to collect and upload data into VMware Cloud services. The later data collection happens at default intervals. The following table lists the jobs and their default interval for data collection.


Default Interval in Minutes




Runs immediately after an inventory update



Runs every 6 hours



Runs every 12 hours

Usage Statistics


Runs every 24 hours

Once the data collection process completes, you get a detailed list of all your private cloud accounts and vCenter Server clusters with their expenses.

On the Private Cloud dashboard, you see the monthly expense, total number of accounts and virtual machines. You can compare:

  • the allocated memory and the utilized memory of top ten clusters

  • the capacity and utilization of data centers

  • the expense of cost drivers

  • the allocated vCPUs and cores.


If you are viewing the expense information on a day past 15th of a month, you see the current month data. If you are viewing expense before 15th (dates between 01 and 15), you see the previous month data.

You can click on any of widgets to navigate to the Cost Analysis page directly to view the specific expense details.

For information about how the private cloud expenses are calculated, see About Cost Drivers.