With the Cost Insight Dashboard, you can view an up-to-date expense summary as well as the projected expenses of your AWS, Azure, and private cloud accounts. You can also get details about your inventory distribution and expense distribution across clouds.

  • Expense Overview: Displays private and public cloud expense until today and the projected expense for the current month.

  • Inventory Distribution Across Clouds: Displays the number of configured accounts and the number of virtual machines running on each cloud platform.

  • Most Expensive Groups: Displays the sum of virtual machine expenses in the group.


    The expense of private cloud virtual machines is calculated based on their utilization. The expense of public cloud virtual machines is based on their Month-to-Date (MTD) expense.

    You can also create groups and organize your resources in your cloud infrastructure.

  • Expenses Distribution Across Clouds: Displays the expense percentage of private and public cloud for the current month. When you hover over the graph, you can see the total expense and virtual machine count on each cloud platform.


VMware Cloud services begin to calculate your private cloud costs when you deploy a data collector. And, VMware Cloud services calculates your public cloud costs based on the historical data available in your public cloud bills.