A Resource Pool is a vSphere object that enables logical partitioning of compute and memory resources. With VMware Data Services Manager, an Agent organization can onboard a Resource Pool from a vSphere or VMC cluster. A parent Resource Pool can contain nested child Resource Pools and an Agent organization can select either parent or child Resource Pool, as required.

Onboarding a Resource Pool is optional. If an Agent chooses not to onboard a Resource Pool, the default Resource Pool of a vSphere or VMC cluster is onboarded. The default Resource Pool is reflected with a blank (-) in designated UIs. For more information about onboarding a Resource Pool, see Procedure to Onboard an Agent Through Agent Console and Procedure to Onboard an Agent Through Provider Console or Agent Console.


The following limitations are there for onboarding Resource Pools:

  • An Agent can onboard only one Resource Pool.
  • No two Agents can onboard the same Resource Pool to VMware Data Services Manager, thereby providing Agent isolation.
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