You can configure VMware Data Services Manager to send an email to a system user when the user initiates a Forgot Password password reset. To enable this VMware Data Services Manager functionality, you must configure an SMTP server for the installation. Configuring SMTP settings enables you to get email notifications for password recovery.

Note: If you choose not to configure an SMTP server, you must manually reset a user’s password from the VMware Data Services Manager console or API, and then communicate the new credentials to the user. Email notifications for Database operations and status changes is also not possible without SMTP configuration.


Before you configure email settings, ensure that you can identify the SMTP server host and port number. If you configure an invalid email ID for the Provider email ID or if bandwidth of the Provider email server is full, VMware Data Services Manager cannot send the notification emails to the Provider email ID to validate the SMTP Host and SMTP Port. In addition, you need to validate the SMTP certificate to ensure enhanced security.


Perform the following procedure to configure an SMTP server for VMware Data Services Manager emails:

  1. Select Settings from the left navigation pane.

    This actions displays the Settings view, Information pane.

  2. Select the SMTP Settings tab to view and configure/update the SMTP settings.

  3. Set or update the Email properties:

    Property Name Value
    Sender Email The email address to appear as the sender of VMware Data Services Manager emails. Required.
    SMTP Host The host name or IP address of the SMTP mail server. Required.
    SMTP Port The port number on which the SMTP mail server runs. Required.
    Username The user name for the SMTP account. (Required when Authentication is on.)
    Password The password for the SMTP account. (Required when Authentication is on.)
    Authentication Specifies whether or not the SMTP server requires authentication. When checked, you must specify the SMTP account Username and Password.
    Auto TLS Specifies whether or not the SMTP server requires a secure connection. Check to enable a secure connection to the SMTP server.
  4. In the Trust SMTP Certificate dialog box, click CONTINUE to validate the thumbprint of the SMTP certificate.

    Note: VMware Data Services Manager validates the SMTP Host and SMTP Port and notifies with UI messages in the SMTP Settings tab in case of both successful or unsuccessful configuration of SMTP settings. However, the onus of validating the SMTP certificate is on you.

  5. Click UPDATE to apply the SMTP settings.

    VMware Data Services Manager validates the SMTP settings that you provide, and returns an error if validation fails.

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