A Provider VM outage will block all VMware Data Services Manager operations for users of any role, except:

  • Scheduled database backups.
  • Replication between Primary and Read Replica databases.

It is your responsibility to choose a tool and configure it to monitor the VMware Data Services Manager web endpoint.

Detecting a Failure

The important components in a Provider VM include:

  • Monitoring Service
  • Provider API
  • Internal vPostgres database
  • RabbitMQ

Extended downtime or degradation of any of these components will affect the reliability of your VMware Data Services Manager installation.

Evaluating the Failure

How do you determine when an issue is severe enough to manually invoke failover and promote a Standby Provider?

  1. Evaluate the health of the Provider VM.
  2. Evaluate the connectivity of the network interfaces located on the Provider VM.
  3. Evaluate the health of the VMware Data Services Manager services running on the Provider VM.

Based on the information that you gather, you may choose to failover and promote a Standby Provider, or to repair the existing Primary Provider.

Choosing Failover

If you choose failover, you must identify a Standby Provider to promote.

After you ensure that the Standby Provider that you choose for failover is healthy and is synchronized with the Primary, promote this Standby Provider.

Choosing Repair

If you choose to repair the existing Provider VM, perform the required tasks, and then verify that the Provider and the HA cluster are functioning correctly.

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