In a typical VMware Data Services Manager installation, the Provider accesses external S3-compatible repositories and Tanzu Network. You monitor Provider connectivity to these entities by clicking the External Storage entry in the left navigation pane, and examining the External Storage Connectivity view.

The External Storage Connectivity view displays the connectivity health status of each of the following external source Types:

  • Provider Db Backup Repo
  • Provider Log Repo
  • Provider Repo
  • Tanzu Net - displays the health of the connection to Tanzu Network.

If you deployed a Provider HA cluster, connectivity to these endpoints is monitored on each Provider node.

Note: If you installed VMware Data Services Manager in an air-gapped environment, VMware Data Services Manager is not connected to Tanzu Network, and you can safely ignore the Tanzu Net health.

When you click on a specific Type, the history of connectivity alerts for that entity displays.


If connectivity to any of the external sources is impaired, your VMware Data Services Manager installation is impacted as follows:

External Component Impact of Connectivity Issues
Provider DB Backup Repo Automatic backup of the Provider internal vPostgres database will fail. This will impact your ability to recover from a Provider failure.
Provider Log Repo Log bundle generation will fail. This will impact your ability to troubleshoot issues in your VMware Data Services Manager installation.
Provider Repo,
Tanzu Network
Automatic download of new VMware Data Services Manager releases will fail. This will impact VMware Data Services Manager's ability to access and update software, and will impact your ability to access and publish new database templates.
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