As a Provider Administrator, you can manage the Namespaces with which you want to associate or dissociate an Organization. When you create a database in an Organization, you can select from the list of Namespaces that are associated with the Organization. The database uses the resources that are part of the selected Namespace.


Perform the following procedure to associate or dissociate one or more Namespaces with an Organization:

  1. Select Organizations from the left navigation pane.

    This action displays the Organizations view, a table that lists the currently configured organizations.

  2. Click on the row of the organization that you want to update.

    The Details tab appears.

  3. Click the Namespaces tab, and then click MANAGE NAMESPACE ASSOCIATION.

    The Manage Namespace Association dialog appears.

  4. Select or deselect one or more Namespaces listed in the Manage Namespace Association dialog, and then click UPDATE.

Note: You cannot dissociate a Namespace from an Organization if the Namespace has been used to create any database in that Organization.
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