When required, VMware Data Services Manager allows you to update VM Datastores, that is, add or remove VM Datastores and change the default VM Datastore that is attached to the onboarded Agent.

Note: While updating VM Datastores, in-flight database operations use the existing VM Datastores configured. After the process of updating VM Datastores is completed, subsequent database operations use the newly configured VM Datastores.


These procedures are typically performed by an Organization Administrator or Provider Administrator.

Procedure to Update VM Datastores

Perform the following procedure to update the vCenter credentials:

  1. Log in to the VMware Data Services Manager console using your Organization Administrator or Provider Administrator credentials.

  2. From the left navigation pane, select Environment.

    The Environment view table displays the currently onboarded environments.

  3. Examine the environments listed in the table, identify the environment for which you you want to update the local storage credentials, and click that row.

    The environment information in the Details tab displays.

  4. To update the VM Datastores, click the EDIT button in the Environment Information section.

    The Environment Edit dialog box displays.

  5. Click the VM Datastores tab in left pane of the Environment Edit dialog box.

    The VM Datastores form displays.

  6. Select one or more VM Datastores in the right pane and select one of the VM Datastores as Default.

  7. To validate the success of this operation, you can monitor the status in the Recent Operation pane.

Note: When the VM Datastores of an environment are updated, the databases belonging to that environment are not updated. They continue to use the VM datastores that were configured with during their creation.
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