Enabled Microsoft SQL Server Editions and Versions

VMware Data Services Manager enables you to provision databases that run Microsoft SQL Server Editions of Enterprise, Standard, and Developer of version Microsoft SQL Server 2019.

Note: Before you create Microsoft SQL Server databases, you need to download and create the database templates. For more information, see Downloading and Using Database Templates for Microsoft SQL Server.


When you use VMware Data Services Manager to create a Microsoft SQL Server database, you configure certain Microsoft SQL Server properties.

Database Configuration

The Database Configuration properties, which you configure while creating a Microsoft SQL Server database, identify the name of the default database, the database server port number, and the database administrator user credentials.

Property Name Description
Database Name The name of the default database.
Database Port No The port number on which the database server runs. The default is 1433. (Read-only)
Username The database administrator user name.
Password The password for the database adminstrator. Apart from alphanumeric characters, the password can only include the special characters, ?, !, @, #, $, %, ^, and *.

Note: The default values for these properties are provided through the user interface, but you should change them as required. VMware Data Services Manager supports password changes made using a database client, and not the console or API. You must change this password using a database client. If you change the password in this manner, the new password is not reflected in VMware Data Services Manager. The password must not contain the character &.

Database Options Configuration

The DB Options Configuration properties control certain runtime characteristics of the Microsoft SQL Server database. These are:

Note: You cannot edit Microsoft SQL Server database options in VMware Data Services Manager.

Property Name Description Default Value
max_connections Microsoft SQL Server allows a maximum of 32767 concurrent connections which is the maximum number of users that can simultaneously log in to the Microsoft SQL server database VM. 100
locale Supported through mssql.conf file. Unset
Collation Can be changed using a T-SQL script. Unset

Connecting to a Microsoft SQL Server Database

To access a Microsoft SQL ServerL database, the host on which the client application is running must have connectivity to the Application Network configured for the database.

You can use any SQL client application to connect to a database in your Microsoft SQL Server database. To connect, you must be able to identify the FQDN of the Microsoft SQL Server host, the port on which the server is running, and the database name. You must also have the Microsoft SQL Server admin credentials on hand. You can obtain this information from the VMware Data Services Manager console. See Locating the Database Connection Parameters.

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