VMware Data Services Manager allows you change the name, email address, DB FQDN suffix, and VM configuration mode configured for an organization.

If you have configured an LDAP server in your VMware Data Services Manager installation, you can also set or update the organization's LDAP group assignments.


You must be able to identify the name of the organization.


Perform the following procedure to update an organization's details:

  1. Select Organizations from the left navigation pane.

    This actions displays the Organizations view, a table that lists the currently configured organizations.

  2. Click on the row of the organization that you want to update.

    The Details tab appears.

  3. Click EDIT in the Organization Information section of the Details tab.

    The Update Organization dialog appears.

  4. Enter the Organization name, Email, and DB FQDN Suffix of the organization, as required.

  5. Select the VM Configuration Mode as either Free Mode or Plans Mode.

  6. Click UPDATE.

    The organization's details are updated.

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