As a Provider Administrator, an Organization Administrator, or an Organization User you can create tags, modify tags, delete tags. For more information, see Tags Tab. You can also assign tags to databases and enable the logical grouping of databases on the basis of tags assigned to them. You can view the details of the tags that are created in an Organization if you navigate to the Tags tab of the Organization view.

You can also remove a database from a logical group. If you remove a tag from a database, the database is removed from the logical group created by the tag.

If you navigate to the Databases after you click Databases in the left navigation pane, you can identify the databases with tags through the tag icon in the VM Name column.

Assigning and Removing Tags

To assign or remove a tag from a database, perform the following steps:

    1. Select Databases from the left navigation pane.

    This action displays the Databases view, a table that lists the provisioned databases.

  1. Examine the database VMs listed in the table, identify the database VMs whose resource properties you wish to update, and navigate to that table row.

  2. Click the database VM Name.

    The Details tab displays.

  3. In the Assigned Tags section of the Details tab, click EDIT.

    This action displays the Edit Assigned Tags form.

  4. Use one or more of the following steps to assign or remove tags from a database:

    • To remove a tag from the database, in the Tags field, click the x mark beside the tag that you want to remove.
    • To assign an existing tag to a database, select one or more tags from the dropdown menu in the Tags field.
    • To assign a newly created tag, type the name of a new tag , and then click the Create New Tag button that appears below the dropdown menu.
  5. Click SAVE.

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