As a DSM administrator, you can update and manage password of a DSM provider VM prior to password expiry or after password expiry.

Password Status

Passwords of VMs can have either of the following status:

Password Status Description
Active Password expiry date is more than 15 days later. You can choose to update or not update the password.
Expiring Soon Password expiry date is after 15 days or earlier. Warning is raised for VM Password Expiry alert. Password update is recommended.
Expired Password has expired. The status of VM Password Expiry alert becomes critical. You must update the password to continue functions that require involvement of the concerned VM.


You must be able to identify the IP address of the DSM provider VM (the IP address you use to access the VMware Data Services Manager console).

Also ensure that the password that you set meets the password policy rules of VMware Data Services Manager. The password must contain:

  • A minimum of 8 and a maximum of 20 characters,
  • At least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter,
  • At least one number, and
  • At least one special character (?!@#$%^&*_+).

Changing Password of a DSM Provider VM

Perform the following steps to change the password of a DSM provider VM:

  1. Log in to the VMware Data Services Manager console using your DSM administrator credentials.

  2. From the left navigation pane, select Settings.

    The Information tab appears in the Settings view.

  3. Navigate to the VM Settings tab.

    The Provider Details appear.

  4. Click Update Password in the upper right corner of the Provider Details page.

    The Change Password dialog box appears.

  5. Set the following in the Change Password dialog box, and then click CHANGE PASSWORD.

    Property Name Value
    Current Password Enter the current password of the Provider node.
    New Password Enter the new password of the Provider node.
    Confirm Password Re-enter the new password of the Provider node.

    The password of the Provider node is updated and the password expiry date is also updated to 90 days later.

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