You can learn about the Permissions view and how to create and manage users.

About the Permissions View

You view and manage VMware Data Services Manager users from the Permissions view in the console.

The Permissions view includes information about each configured user:

  • The User column identifies the email address for the user, which is the user's login name in the VMware Data Services Manager console.

  • The Type column identifies the type of user.

    • Local (VMware Data Services Manager user account stored locally in the Provider database)
    • LDAP (imported user from an existing LDAP identity provider)
  • The Role column identifies the role of the user: DSM Admin or DSM User.

More About LDAP Users

The Permissions view displays an LDAP user after the user logs in to VMware Data Services Manager for the first time.

Clicking on an LDAP GROUPS tab displays the VMware Data Services Manager organizations to which the LDAP user belongs.

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