VMware Cloud provides several services, including VMware Discovery, VMware Cost Insight, and VMware Network Insight. Cloud, network, and security administrators can use these services to view usage details across all their clouds, both public and private. This document introduces you to the VMware Discovery service.

The VMware Discovery service is used to "discover" resources associated with public and private cloud accounts. These resources can include virtual machines, hard disks, storage units, CPU usage, billing, and other information. You can add and discover resources for public cloud accounts in VMware Discovery, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. You can also add and discover resources for private cloud accounts, such as a vCenter Server.

VMware Discovery provides sophisticated filtering, which allows you to display resources in specific ways. You can also save these filtered outputs as groups. Once a group has been created, you can display the group to see the resources and information that is most relevant to you. For a cloud administrator who manages hundreds of virtual machines, hardware, and capacity, this is a useful set of tools.