If you're ready to go with your AWS security credentials and S3 bucket name, go ahead and create your public cloud account in VMware Cloud services.


  1. Navigate to the VMware Cloud services Discovery page.
  2. Select Cloud Accounts, click Add New and select Amazon Web Services.

  3. Perform the following steps on the AWS Add New Account page:

    1. Enter your AWS Access Key ID and Secret Access Key.
    2. Click Validate to verify your security credentials.
    3. When your credentials have been validated, enter a Nickname and Description to help you identify this account.
    4. If you are setting up this account for individual or master organization account billing, enter the S3 Bucket Name you want to use for your billing reports.
    5. Click Add.


To add another AWS account to VMware Cloud services, click Add Another Cloud, or click Next to view the resources in your account.