You need the Enrollment ID and API access key associated with your Azure Enterprise account to add the account to VMware Cloud service. You can locate these credentials in your Azure Enterprise account.

The Enrollment ID and API access key are available only to your account's enterprise administrator, the top-level administrator of your Azure Enterprise account.


  1. Log in to your Azure Enterprise account at
  2. Locate your Enrollment ID.
    1. Click the Enrollment tab, then click Manage.
    2. Locate the Enrollment Number in the list of enrollment details.
    3. Copy the Enrollment Number and save it for later use.
  3. Generate an API access key.
    1. Under the Enrollment tab, click Reports.
    2. Click Download Usage.
    3. Click API Access Key.
    4. Click the key icon in the Primary Key text box to generate the API access key.
    5. Copy the entire API access key string into a text file, and save the file.