You create AWS security credentials when you set up your AWS account with an IAM user in AWS. You need these security credentials to set up your AWS account in VMware Discovery.

AWS security credentials consist of the access key ID and secret key associated with your AWS account. If you did not make a note of these credentials when you set up your account, you can create new credentials.

For more information on AWS security credentials, see


  1. Sign in to your AWS account at
  2. Click Services > IAM.
  3. Select Create Individual IAM Users.
  4. Click Manage Users and select a user with administrative permissions whose credentials you want to generate.
  5. Select Security credentials and click Create access key.

    If there are already two pairs of security credentials, delete one. AWS only allows two.

  6. Download the CSV file that contains your credentials, or click Show to display the secret access key and copy the credentials.

    Do not delete these security credentials in AWS. They are the identifier that allows AWS and VMware Cloud services to share data.