VMware Cloud services provides a sophisticated set of tools for managing and tracking the hardware and software resources in your AWS cloud account, and your billing data. Registering your AWS account with VMware Cloud services gives you the tools to maximize your resource usage and analyze your cloud expenses for the best returns.

You can register the following kinds of accounts with VMware Cloud services :

  • Individual AWS account

  • AWS Organization master account

  • Member account (also known as a "linked" account, inside a AWS Organization master account)

An individual AWS account is set up with a single user. Billing is driven through a single S3 bucket and permissions can be set on any users you choose to add to the account.

For a large organization, such as a business, a better structure is an AWS Organization master account. An AWS Organization master account allows you to set up many individual member (linked) accounts, but consolidates your billing in a single S3 bucket. This gives your organization the flexibility it needs across departments and teams, while still allowing close control over your billing data.