When you register your AWS public cloud account with VMware Cloud services, you establish a connection between the two accounts. This connection allows information about your AWS resources and billing to be shared, analyzed, and updated in real time inside VMware Cloud services.

To ensure a smooth connection, do the following in your AWS account before you register it with VMware Cloud services.

  • Grant IAM users and roles access to your AWS billing information. Not doing this may cause the free flow of billing information to be blocked. See Setting Up an Individual AWS Account.

  • Collect security credentials for your AWS account (Access Key ID and Secret Access Key). You need these credentials to validate the connection between your AWS account and VMware Cloud services. See Collecting Your AWS Security Credentials.

  • Create an S3 bucket. The S3 bucket is used for billing in an individual account and for consolidated billing in an AWS Organization master account. See Creating Amazon Security Credentials and an S3 Bucket.

  • Assign specific permissions to users, to allow them access to VMware Cloud services. In an AWS Organization master account, define policies that allow usage data from member accounts to be collected in VMware Cloud services. See Setting Permissions in AWS.