You need the security credentials associated with your Azure account to add the account to VMware Cloud service. These include your Subscription ID, Tenant ID, Client Application ID, and Client Application Secret Key. You can locate these credentials in your Azure account.


  1. Sign in to your Azure account at, open the Billing page, and make a note of your Subscription ID.

    The Subscription ID is a combination of 32 alphanumeric characters.

  2. Perform the following steps to locate your Tenant ID.
    1. In the upper right of the Azure portal, click the Help icon.
    2. Click Show diagnostics.

      The PortalDiagnostics JSON file is downloaded.

    3. Open the JSON file and scan for the tenants block to find the 32-digit Tenant ID.
  3. Perform the following steps to find your Client Application ID.
    1. On the navigation bar of the Azure account portal, select Azure Active Directory.
    2. Click App Registrations.
    3. Look for your application in the list of registered applications. The Client Application ID is located in the right column.
  4. Perform the following to generate a Client Application Secret Key.
    1. In the Display Name column, click the name of your application.
    2. Click All settings.
    3. On the Settings page, select Keys under the API Access section.
    4. Enter a description and an expiration for your application.
    5. Click Save.

      The value of the Client Application Secret Key is displayed.