Setting up a vCenter Server private cloud account requires you to collect specific information about your account.

Before you begin setting up a vCenter Server private cloud account, do the following:

  • Verify that your vCenter Server has outbound internet access without any corporate firewall blocks. For example, on port 443, HTTPS.

  • Verify that the vSphere Web Client is installed in your environment.

  • Create an administrative user with the correct permissions to access your vCenter Server private cloud account from inside VMware Cloud services.

If your vCenter Server private network does not use DHCP, you must gather the following information before you deploy a data collector and set up your private cloud account with VMware Cloud services. Without this information, VMware's network cannot connect with your network to complete the configuration process.

  • Default Gateway

  • Domain Name

  • Domain Name Servers

  • Domain Search Path

  • Network IP Address

  • Network 1 Netmask