Create additional settings for allowing and blocking applications.


  1. Start the VMware Dynamic Environment Manager Management Console.
  2. On the User Environment tab, select Application Blocking.
  3. Click Create.
  4. Enter a name for the settings definition.
  5. Select the blocking type from the Type drop-down menu under Application Blocking Settings.
    If you are configuring path-based settings that reference network paths, specify UNC paths instead of drive letters. When users launch these applications, they should access them from the UNC path.
  6. Click Add in the Allow section to add folders, applications, or publishers to the allowed list.
    You can allow specific applications in blocked folders. You can also allow specific applications to run only if they are located in a certain folder by clicking the Path-specific check-box.
    Note: You can use the publisher-based configuration only when allowing an application.
  7. Click Add in the Block section to add folders or applications for path-based or applications for hash-based to the blocked list.
  8. Click Save.