You install the client component, FlexEngine, in NoAD mode by performing an unattended installation through a command-line interface.

At the same time, you can choose to enable computer environment settings using the COMPENVCONFIGFILEPATH property, as described in Perform Installation with Computer Environment Settings Support.


  • To install FlexEngine in NoAD mode, specify the path to the General folder in the VMware Dynamic Environment Manager configuration share through the NOADCONFIGFILEPATH MSI property at the time of installation.
    For DEM Standard Edition, replace Enterprise with Standard.
    msiexec.exe /i "VMware Dynamic Environment Manager Enterprise 2103 10.2 x64.msi" /qn LICENSEFILE="\\​filesrv1\share\VMware DEM.lic" /l* InstallDEM.log NOADCONFIGFILEPATH=\\Filesrv\DemConfig$\General


This command inserts the basic NoAD configuration in the HKLM registry hive and enables the NoAD mode.

Note: To disable the NoAD mode, uninstall VMware Dynamic Environment Manager, and reinstall without the NOADCONFIGFILEPATH MSI property.