You can configure the location and filename of the FlexEngine log file, the level of logging details, and the maximum size of the log file.

Setting Value
LogFileName Set a location that is unique for each user, for example:


If you enter a subdirectory that does not exist, FlexEngine creates it when a user logs in.

LogLevel Configure the amount of details to log by setting this property to one of the following values:
  • 0 (DEBUG)
  • 1 (INFO)
  • 2 (WARN)
  • 3 (ERROR)
  • 4 (FATAL)
Note: Do not use 0 (DEBUG) or 1 (INFO) in production environments, because the amount of logging information might slow down the logon and logoff process.

Set the maximum size of the log file in kB. If you set a maximum log file size, the log file is created again after that size limit is reached. If you set the maximum size to 0, the log file expands indefinitely.

LogProfileArchiveFolderSize To enable this setting, set the value to 1. If enabled, FlexEngine logs the number of profile archives and profile archives backups, and their sizes, at the end of a path-based export.