Windows does not recognize FlexEngine log files if you do not configure a filename with a filename extension.


FlexEngine log files do not appear to open if you double-click them.


If you configure a FlexEngine log file without entering a name and filename extension for the log, VMware Dynamic Environment Manager creates the log file using a structure that Windows does not recognize. As a result, Windows does not open the log file, and it appears to be missing or unreadable.


  • When you configure the log files, you need to enter a unique path for each user, and you need to enter a log filename with a filename extension: \\Filesrv\​DemUsers$\​%username%\​Logs\​FlexEngine.log. If you do not enter a log filename or omit the filename extension, Windows is unable to recognize the log file, and you will need to take additional steps to read it. For instructions on configuring FlexEngine logging, see "Configure FlexEngine Logging Settings" in Installing and Configuring VMware Dynamic Environment Manager.


When correctly configured, Windows can open the FlexEngine log files.