Application Profiler is a standalone application that simplifies the creation of Flex configuration files and predefined settings for use with VMware Dynamic Environment Manager. You can use Application Profiler to capture where an application stores its settings and automatically record this into a Flex configuration file.

Note: For information on installing and configuring Application Profiler, see the Application Profiler Administration Guide.


Install the application you want to configure on your profiling system and log in to your profiling system as an administrator.


  1. Start Application Profiler and click Start Session.
  2. Browse to and select the application for which you want to create a Flex configuration file.
  3. Click OK.
    The application is opened and the Analyzing Application dialog box appears.
  4. Change the application settings as necessary and close the application.


The locations for the application settings are saved as a Flex configuration file.

What to do next

Save the file, and import it to VMware Dynamic Environment Manager.