Create an App Volumes setting that allows you to store your offline Outlook Data File (.ost) on a writable volume. An OST file (.ost) is a file in Microsoft Outlook that is a local cache of the remote mailbox.

You might want to use this feature if you want to use App Volumes together with VMware Dynamic Environment Manager to create a non-persistent virtual desktop environment. Typically, the Outlook .ost file is stored locally on the C: drive of the virtual desktop. The virtual desktop is reset back to the default settings at each logout, removing the .ost file. By combining App Volumes and VMware Dynamic Environment Manager, the .ost file does not need to be recreated for each login.


You must have App Volumes installed and configured to provide writable volumes to users.


  1. Start the VMware Dynamic Environment Manager Management Console.
  2. Click the User Environment tab.
  3. Select App Volumes and click Create.
  4. Enter a name for the settings definition.
  5. Configure the App Volumes setting:
    Option Description
    Store Offline Data File (.ost) on writable volume Configures Outlook to store the .ost file on the writable volume.
  6. You can click the Advanced button to change the location of the .ost file on the writable volume; however, do not change the default setting unless necessary. Configuration errors might result in unexpected behavior.
  7. Click Save.