Due to the architectural changes in App-V 5.x, the personalization support in VMware Dynamic Environment Manager for App-V 5.x is less complex than for App-V 4.0. You can use DirectFlex with App-V 5.x.

App-V 5 User Integrations

With the release of Hotfix Package 4 for App-V 5 SP2, changes were made to improve the user experience of application publishing and refresh in conjunction with 3rd party profile management solutions, such as VMware Dynamic Environment Manager. All personal settings that encapsulate the App-V 5 publishing state can be roamed with VMware Dynamic Environment Manager personalization independent of the underlying Windows user profile. This way the App-V 5 publishing refresh is much faster in subsequent sessions. For best configuration, create a Flex configuration file with the built-in App-V 5 User Integrations Windows Common Setting.

User Environment File Type Associations and Shortcuts

You can create user environment file type associations and shortcuts, that reference items in an App-V 5.x package file. VMware Dynamic Environment Manager only supports creating file type associations and shortcuts for App-V 5 applications that are already available on the client system, which are applications that have been published using standard App-V 5 functionality.
Note: When creating a user environment file type association and shortcut, set the App-V 5.x publishing model to the model that you have used when publishing the corresponding App-V 5 package.