Configure the commands to run tasks during computer startup or shutdown.


  1. Start the VMware Dynamic Environment Manager Management Console.
  2. Open the Computer Environment tab.
  3. Select Startup Tasks or Shutdown Tasks and click Create.
  4. Enter a name for the settings definition.
  5. Configure the startup or shutdown task settings.
    Option Description
    Command The command to run. Can contain environment variables.
    Timeout (Optional) The amount of time FlexEngine waits for the command to complete. If the command does not complete during this interval, FlexEngine continues, while the command keeps running in the background.
    Note: Windows terminates the command when FlexEngine completes the processing of the remaining startup or shutdown tasks.

    If no timeout is configured, FlexEngine waits indefinitely for the command to complete.

    Note: Windows terminates startup and shutdown tasks, as well as other Windows startup and shutdown scripts, when they take longer to run than the default duration of 10 minutes. You can override this timeout using the Windows Local Group Policy Editor to navigate to the Scripts node at Local Computer Policy > Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > System > Scripts and edit the Specify maximum wait time for Group Policy scripts policy setting.
  6. Click Save.