With App-V 4.x integration, you can decouple personal application settings from the App-V delta files.

Microsoft App-V 4.x supports running custom commands and scripts at application start and exit from the App-V 4.x application configuration .OSD file, which exists for each application. VMware Dynamic Environment Manager can run in the virtual application environment of App-V 4.x applications by launching FlexEngine with the appropriate arguments. For the very specific scenario where the path to the VMware Dynamic Environment Manager configuration share depends on the user location, you can configure the App-V 4.x integration to use an environment variable. You can define the environment variable name in the advanced App-V 4.x settings, located in Configure > App-V. You must define the configured environment variable in Windows for all users, or the App-V 4.x application fails.

By default, you cannot enable App-V 4.x integration for a Flex configuration file that is configured to use DirectFlex. To allow combining DirectFlex and App-V 4.x for Flex configuration files, access the advanced App-V 4.x settings at Configure > App-V, and select Allow combining DirectFlex and App-V 4.x for Flex config files.