Configure multiple UNC paths to provide a consolidated view when home directories of users are distributed across different file servers.


Configure the locations of the profile archives, the profile archive backups, and the FlexEngine log files. See Create the Immidio Flex+ Helpdesk Support Tool.xml File.


  1. Open the VMware Dynamic Environment Manager Management Console.
  2. To configure Helpdesk Support Tool for a particular environment, switch to that environment.
  3. Click the main menu that is a star-shaped button on the top left corner.
  4. Select Configure Helpdesk Support Tool.
  5. In the Helpdesk Support Tool Configuration dialog box, select the profile archive path for which you want to configure multiple UNC paths.
  6. Click Duplicate and modify the paths.
    The following paths are examples UNC paths for profile archives:

    When you use the configuration in this example, both \\sld2008dc\home$ and \\sldfs01\home$ are scanned for subfolders to present in the user list.

    Helpdesk Support Tool displays an error message if a certain [UserFolder] subfolder exists in multiple configured paths.
    Folder 'dflex1' exists in multiple profile archive paths:
    A similar error message appears for the profile archive backups and log files locations.