You can check which application or Windows component settings are saved in a profile archive, or modify them.

Caution: Only experienced VMware Dynamic Environment Manager administrators must use this option. Manually editing profile archives requires extensive knowledge of user profiles, including the registry settings. Making a mistake might cause a profile archive to become inoperable.


  • Configure Helpdesk Support Tool. See Configuring Helpdesk Support Tool.
  • Enable the Allow editing profile archives setting in the Helpdesk Support Tool Group Policy configuration.


  1. In Helpdesk Support Tool, locate the user for which you want to edit a profile archive.
  2. Right-click a profile archive and select Edit profile archive.
    Windows Explorer opens a folder that contains the extracted settings. The Edit profile archive dialog box appears in Helpdesk Support Tool.
  3. (Optional) In the Edit profile archive dialog box, click Add Default Folders to add other supported profile folders.
  4. After you apply all the changes, close Windows Explorer and click Done in the Edit profile archive dialog box.
    Helpdesk Support Tool saves the changes to the profile archive.