Helpdesk Support Tool has an integrated FlexEngine log file viewer that you can use to analyze log files of users. The log file viewer provides log level highlighting and switching between different log levels .


Configure Helpdesk Support Tool. See Configuring Helpdesk Support Tool.


  1. In Helpdesk Support Tool, locate a user for whom you want to view the FlexEngine log file.
  2. From the View Log drop-down menu, select a log file.
    The log file opens in a separate window.
  3. Configure how logs are displayed and choose whether to enable the additional options.
    Option Description
    Log level Filters out less severe log lines. For instance, selecting WARN only displays log lines with level WARN, ERROR or FATAL, and hides all DEBUG and INFO lines.
    Highlight Controls whether lines of the corresponding log level are displayed with colour coding. If no log lines are displayed for a certain level, either because the log file does not contain any or because they are filtered out due to the Log level setting, the corresponding check box is disabled.
    Find Searches for specific text within the log file, case-sensitively if Match case is selected. When a search string is entered, Next and Previous arrow buttons appear.
    Watch log file for changes If enabled, monitors the log file for changes.
    Reload Reloads the log file after it is changed.