You can configure multiple sets of paths by creating labels and assigning them to different locations, for example, if your data centers are deployed across different geographies.


Configure the locations of the profile archives, the profile archives backups, and the FlexEngine log files. See Create the Immidio Flex+ Helpdesk Support Tool.xml File.


  1. Open the VMware Dynamic Environment Manager Management Console.
  2. To configure Helpdesk Support Tool for a particular environment, switch to that environment.
  3. Click the main menu that is a star-shaped button on the top left corner.
  4. Select Configure Helpdesk Support Tool.
  5. In the Helpdesk Support Tool Configuration dialog box, select the Use labels check box.
    The Label drop-down menu appears on the Helpdesk Support Tool Paths dialog box.
  6. Configure multiple sets of paths, each of them with a separate label.
    You can apply a label multiple times over different sets of paths, to support the Multiple UNC paths scenario.


After you define multiple labels, Helpdesk Support Tool displays an additional drop-down menu, from where you can select a label. Based on the corresponding paths, Helpdesk Support Tool finds profile archive folders, profile archive backup folders, and log files. If you select <ALL> from this drop-down menu, all profile archive [UserFolder] subfolders populate the user list in a combined view. It is considered an error if duplicate [UserFolder] subfolders exist in multiple configured paths.

Note: In geographically distributed environments, selecting <ALL> might cause performance slowdowns because file servers in multiple locations are contacted, over potentially slow network links. If you do not want operators to select this option, you can hide it through Group Policy configuration.