FlexEngine performs operations at logon and logoff events. You can pass different arguments to FlexEngine to configure VMware Dynamic Environment Manager.

FlexEngine Operations

FlexEngine can perform two main operations:

  • -s stores profile information.
  • -r reads profile information.

FlexEngine Arguments

You can further configure the operations by using additional arguments, some of which are optional (), some of which mandatory (x):

Argument -s -r Description
-i x Argument value config specifies the Flex configuration files to use.
-S ●² ●²

First argument value silo path specifies silo-specific configuration files to use. Second argument value suffix specifies suffix to use in profile archives and backup folders, if suffix is an empty string, the last folder of silo path is used as suffix.

-R Indicates that the config directory (and the silo path directory, if configured) should be processed recursively; that is, also processes Flex configuration files in subfolders. Ignored for file-based operations.
-b Argument value backup path specifies the location for profile archives backups. If not specified, no backups are created.
-B Argument value backup count indicates how many backups to create.
-Bd Indicates that a single backup should be created per day.
-C Enables compression for profile archives. FlexEngine can read both compressed and uncompressed archives regardless of this setting. This switch only controls the creation of archives.
-c ●² ●² Enables certificate support for mandatory profiles.
-F ●² ●² Indicates that export of the settings should be performed always, regardless of whether the previous import was successful.
-M ●² ●² Argument value log size specifies the maximum size of the log file in kB. If the log file is larger than that size at the start of an import or export action, the log file is cleared.
-L Restores the last modified dates for imported files.
-H ●² Marks the profile archives folder and the backup folder, if configured, as hidden after a path-based export.
-v Verbose mode: displays a splash screen with a progress bar.
-f Argument value log file specifies the name of the log file.
-l Argument value log level specifies what information should be logged. log level can be DEBUG, INFO, WARN (the default), ERROR, or FATAL.
-rw ●² Refreshes Windows appearance.
-rk ●² Refreshes keyboard settings.
-rm ●² Refreshes mouse settings.
-ra ●² Combination of the three options above.

Legend for FlexEngine Arguments

Symbol Description
x Mandatory.
¹ Mandatory for path-based, not applicable for file-based.
² Optional for path-based, not applicable for file-based.