To synchronize the latest changes to the network at logoff, SyncTool must run at logoff. To set SyncTool to run at logoff, run the logoff script Group Policy setting and configure the script in the same GPO that contains the SyncTool Group Policy settings.

Alternatively, you can add the SyncTool logoff command to an existing logoff script. Use User Configuration\Windows Settings\Scripts for this purpose.

  • Important: Make sure that SyncTool is run after the FlexEngine export. If both the FlexEngine and the SyncTool GPOs are applied at the same OU, ensure that the SyncTool GPO has a lower Link Order number, so that the SyncTool logoff task takes place after the FlexEngine export.
  • Tip: The example path to FlexSyncTool.exe is based on the default installation directory. The default directory does not apply in the following cases.
    • You selected a different directory when you installed VMware Dynamic Environment Manager.
    • VMware Dynamic Environment Manager was installed as part of another installation.
    If VMware Dynamic Environment Manager is installed in a non-default directory, adjust the path accordingly.


  1. To run SyncTool at logoff, include the -Logoff argument:
    "C:\Program Files\Immidio\Flex Profiles\FlexSyncTool.exe" -Logoff
  2. (Optional) To display a splash screen with progress information, include the -ShowDialog argument.
  3. To run SyncTool as a logoff script from a GPO, use the following settings.
    Option Value
    Script Name C:\Program Files\Immidio\Flex Profiles\FlexSyncTool.exe
    Script Parameters -logoff -showdialog