For advanced scenarios, you can configure the SyncTool Group Policy settings on the computer level by creating a GPO that can be linked to an OU that contains computers.

If you configure SyncTool Group Policy settings on the computer level, you can have multiple SyncTool configurations for different OUs in Active Directory. This approach is useful if you want to configure different network thresholds for computers or locations where different types of network connections are available.

Important: SyncTool must always start in the user context.

Starting SyncTool in the user context means that even though you are able to configure most of the SyncTool Group Policy settings through Computer Configuration, the following settings must be applied using a GPO on the user level.

  • Configure the Run VMware DEM SyncTool during logon group policy setting. See SyncTool Group Policy Reference for more information.
  • Run SyncTool with the -Logoff argument using the Group Policy logoff script mechanism. See Run SyncTool at Logoff.
  • Configure a logon script that starts FlexEngine with the -OfflineImport argument as described in Installing and Configuring VMware Dynamic Environment Manager.