Starting with VMware Dynamic Environment Manager 2203, you are no longer prompted to select a license file during installation. The Management Console provides an option to configure a license and save it in the configuration share.

Note: If you are upgrading from VMware Dynamic Environment Manager 2111 or earlier, a previously provided license file remains valid. Any future updates to the license must be performed using the Management Console.

Configuring a License

The License menu on the Management Console copies a specified FlexEngine license file or a license key into the correct location in the local configuration folder.

  1. Click the License option in the main menu. The License pop-window displays the status of your license.
  2. Click Manage to open the Manage License dialog.
    • License Key - Enter a VMware license key.
    • License File - Browse to a license file (.lic) and select the file.
  3. Click OK.
    Note: Click Remove if you want to remove a previously configured license. Click Replace if you have a license file configured and want to replace it.