VMware Dynamic Environment Manager 2212 | 12 JAN 2023 | Build

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VMware Dynamic Environment Manager™ (formerly known as VMware User Environment Manager) offers personalization and dynamic policy configuration across any virtual, physical, and cloud-based environment. VMware Dynamic Environment Manager can simplify end-user profile management with a single and scalable solution. IT can simply map infrastructure (including networks and printer mappings) and dynamically set policies for end-users. You can experience quick, personalized, and consistent access to your Windows workspace and applications. VMware Dynamic Environment Manager provides a secured by default approach by logging the users out in case the Flex config files path is not available at logon.

VMware Dynamic Environment Manager Release Notes provides information about the new features and enhancements in each release. This page contains a summary of the new capabilities, issues resolved, and known issues that are reported in each version.


License. Starting with VMware Dynamic Environment Manager 2203, you are no longer prompted to select a license file during installation. The Management Console provides an option to configure a license and save it in the configuration share. If you are upgrading to DEM 2203 or later, a previously provided license file will still remain valid. Any future updates to the license must be performed using the Management Console. See Managing the License.

What's New


OneDrive for Business integration is going to be removed in VMware Dynamic Environment Manager 2303. For more information, contact your account team.

  • Updated Components. This release updates the main product components. Application Profiler, Helpdesk Support Tool, and SyncTool are not updated for the 2212 release.

  • Extended Service Branch for Horizon. There are no new features added in this release. If you are using Dynamic Environment Manager 2209, there is no need to upgrade to Dynamic Environment Manager 2212 unless you want Horizon 2212 ESB aligned Dynamic Environment Manager release. See VMware Knowledge Base (KB) article 86477.

Resolved Issues

We are always working to improve VMware Dynamic Environment Manager with every release. This release reports no major bug fixes.

Known Issues

Note: The numbers included before the known issues are used by VMware's internal issue tracking system.

  • DEM-141: Default browser settings and .pdf file type association missing after applying February/March 2024 Windows Updates

    The Microsoft Windows Updates for February and March 2024 break the roaming of a user's default browser and .pdf file type association. The roaming of other file-type associations and protocols is not affected.

    This issue affects all currently supported versions of VMware Dynamic Environment Manager.

    Workaround: See the VMware Knowledge Base (KB) article 97169.

  • 1438303: Cannot display button text on some Asian versions of Windows operating systems

    On some Asian versions of Windows operating systems, the button text in the Management Console, the Application Profiler, and the Helpdesk Support Tool might be missing.

    Workaround: Specify the /NoScale command line argument when you start the Management Console, Application Profiler, and the Helpdesk Support Tool.

  • 1574438: Button text truncated on some Asian versions of Windows operating systems

    On some Asian versions of Windows operating systems, the button text in the Self-Support Tool is truncated if a German Multilingual User Interface is used.

    Workaround: No workaround exists for this issue.

  • 3084950: You might encounter limitations with the Windows 10 Start Menu Windows Common Setting

    Configuration settings for the Start menu itself, such as Show most used apps and Use Start full screen, are not saved.

    Workaround: No workaround exists for this issue.

  • 2870360: COM servers do not trigger DirectFlex processing

    In older versions of Dynamic Environment Manager, instantiating an out-of-process COM object hosted by a DirectFlex-enabled executable triggered DirectFlex processing. With the default DEM configuration, this behavior does not exist.

    Workaround: To enable the old behavior, set REG_DWORD value DirectFlex to 1 in the HKLM\SOFTWARE\Immidio\Flex Profiles key (for Group Policy-based setups), or in the HKLM\SOFTWARE\VMware, Inc.\VMware UEM\Agent\Configuration key (for NoAD).


Documentation for VMware Dynamic Environment Manager is located at VMware Docs.


VMware Dynamic Environment Manager content is available in English and Chinese.

Support Contact Information

To receive support, access VMware Customer Connect. To learn more about the support policies, see Support Policies.

For information about filing a Support Request in Customer Connect and using Cloud Services Portal, see the VMware Knowledge Base (KB) article 2006985.

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