To deploy VMware Dynamic Environment Manager, your environment must meet certain infrastructure requirements.

Requirement Description
Active Directory Active Directory is required for Group Policy configuration of FlexEngine. You configure FlexEngine by creating an Active Directory Group Policy Object (GPO). See Configure the VMware Dynamic Environment Manager Group Policy Object. You can configure FlexEngine without Group Policy, but it requires command-line arguments. For more information, see FlexEngine Command-Line Arguments.
VMware Dynamic Environment Manager configuration share

For standalone mode.

A central share on a file server, which can be a replicated share for multiple sites. In such a case, you can use multiple Active Directory GPOs to configure the path to the share for all client devices, based on the location. This share uses the Server Message Block (SMB) protocol for communication. For more information about the configuration share requirements, see VMware Dynamic Environment Manager Configuration Share.

Profile archives share You must consider a location to store the profile archive ZIP files for the user settings and the profile backups. The profile archives share also uses SMB. For details about the profile archives share, see Profile Archives Share.