Privilege elevation is deactivated by default. You must activate it manually, configure conditions to control the elevated applications, and define an elevation message.


  1. Start the VMware Dynamic Environment Manager Management Console.
  2. On the User Environment tab, select Privilege Elevation.
  3. Click Global Configuration.
  4. Select Activate Privilege Elevation.
  5. Click Add in the Conditions section to configure conditions to control the elevated applications.
  6. (Optional) Select Also elevate all child processes to elevate child processes on a global level.
    If you select this option, all processes of a user-installed application run elevated.
  7. (Optional) Select Ask user to elevate in the Message section to display a message when a user launches an application that is configured for elevation.
    The user is presented with the option to run the application elevated or with the normal privileges of the user.
  8. If you selected Ask user to elevate enter a message title and message text.
  9. Click OK.

What to do next

To configure specific applications for elevation, see Configure Applications for Privilege Elevation.