Using the Management Console, you can download configuration templates for many popular applications. Configuration templates are pre-configured Flex configuration files that are designed to facilitate the initial implementation of popular applications.

The configuration templates are starter templates that you must test in your environment and possibly modify to suit the needs of your organization.


  1. Start the VMware Dynamic Environment Manager Management Console and click Download Config Template.
  2. Select one or more templates.
  3. Save the templates to either the General folder, which is the default folder for Flex configuration files, or a subfolder in the General folder.
    You can use an existing subfolder or you can create a new subfolder. The Configuration Templates Repository dialog box displays the destination folder, the folder to which templates will be downloaded. If want to change the destination folder, click Browse and select a different destination folder.
    Option Description
    General Folder
    1. If necessary, click Browse, select the General folder, and click OK.
    2. Click Save and Close.
    Existing Subfolder
    1. If necessary, click Browse, select the existing subfolder to save templates to, and click OK.
    2. Click Save and Close.
    New Subfolder
    1. Click Browse
    2. Click New Folder.
    3. Enter a name in the Folder name text box and click OK.
    4. Click OK again.
    5. Click Save and Close.

What to do next

Test the templates and edit them as necessary for your environment. See Configuring Settings for Storing and Retrieving Profile Information.