Before you can create ADMX-based settings, you must import the ADMX templates containing the policies that you want to configure.

Note: You can use ADMX templates that you import for both user environment settings and computer environment settings. The same collection of imported templates is used for both.


  1. Start the VMware Dynamic Environment Manager Management Console.
  2. On the User Environment tab, select ADMX-based Settings.
  3. Click Manage Templates.
  4. Click Add Folder or Add File and import the ADMX templates.
    You can import all ADMX files and the corresponding ADML files from a folder or import only specific templates.
  5. Click Validate to analyze the templates and verify that they can be used to define ADMX-based settings.

What to do next

Remove the templates that contain only unsupported settings or policies.
Note: You can remove the templates if they are not used by any settings definition.