VMware Dynamic Environment Manager is available in Standard and Enterprise editions. DEM Standard Edition assists VMware Horizon® Standard Edition and VMware Horizon® Advanced Edition customers with user profile management. DEM Enterprise Edition is the full-featured version of VMware Dynamic Environment Manager.

DEM Standard Edition provides a subset of the options available in DEM Enterprise Edition. For DEM Standard Edition, the Computer Environment and Application Migration ribbons are not available, whereas the following ribbons and functionality are available.

Table 1. DEM Standard Edition Options Available in the Management Console
Ribbon Name Available Functionality
Personalization Full functionality, except for certain user environment settings configurable on Flex configuration files. See Configuring Application and Windows Settings.

In DEM Standard Edition, the following user environment settings can be configured on Flex configuration files.

User Environment The following options are available in DEM Standard Edition.
Condition Sets Full functionality. See Managing Conditions.